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August 3, 2006 by Good Point
HeadOn--apply directly to the forehead.
HeadOn--apply directly to the forehead.
HeadOn--apply directly to the forehead.

I would just love to go to every store where it's sold and destroy their stock. I think they make the commercial so annoying that you actually get a headache and feel compelled to buy their product to cure it.

Then they have:

Activon--apply directly where it hurts.


Freedom from Hemmorhoids? FREEdHEM hemmorhoidal cream.
Freedom from Hemmorhoids? FREEdHEM ...
August 3, 2006 by Good Point
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Now that Haditha has been brought back into the news with the defamation
lawsuit filed by one of the Marines against Rep. Murtha, I noticed something
today that I didn't notice before.  The footage of the dead bodies comes
from the Hammurabi Human Rights organization.  All other aspects of
this case aside, is anyone else struck by the irony?  Hammurabi and
Human Rights in the same title?
July 28, 2006 by Good Point
July 27, 2006
Fitzgerald: Why are we in Iraq?
"When my children ask me why their dad is over in Iraq and he can't be here with us. I want to give them an educated honest answer. I have found that history is the most logical answer and the only truth I can find on this subject. Then I ran out of answers and all I could say was 'I don't know anymore.' I believed all the propaganda. But I figured that I would set forth the effort to get to know the Jihad and the Koran to have some logic as to w...
July 24, 2006 by Good Point
What’s Wrong With the Democrats?

The identity-politics party doesn’t know how to appeal to middle Americans.

by Steve Sailer

Why have the Democrats proven so inept at electorally exploiting the growing evidence of the current Republican Party’s incompetence at governing? The Democrats certainly have a chance of doing well in the November elections, but why is this merely a possibility?

In 1980, just half a dozen years after the GOP’s Watergate humiliation, voters responded to the C...
July 5, 2006 by Good Point
Bad News/Good News from Iraq

The death of Zarqawi has done very little, if anything, to stop the violence in Iraq.

A more promising note: attacks on the Iraqi oil pipelines have been non-existent as of late.
June 20, 2006 by Good Point

R 121430Z 06


E.O. 122956: N/A
SUBJECT: Snapshots from the Office: Public
Affairs Staff Show Strains of Social Discord


1. (SBU) Beginning in March, and picking up in mid-May, Iraqi staff in the Public Affairs section have complained that Islamist and/or militia groups have been negativelyy affecting their daily routine. Harassment over prop...
December 12, 2005 by Good Point
War on Christmas

The hot button issue this time of year is the use of "Happy Holidays" as opposed to "Merry Christmas." This passage here sums up exactly what so many American Christians feel and why:

Fifty years ago no Christian would have taken offense to “Happy Holidays”. Now that many Christians do is not, as our shocked liberals believe, a vicious political radicalism infecting the right-wing wackos – rather is it that the meaning of “Happy Holidays” has changed. It still does mean...
November 28, 2005 by Good Point
Ramsey Clark was on TV yesterday complaining about how Saddam Hussein was not going to get a fair trial.

Then a thought popped into my mind. I have a srong feeling I'd be ecstatic if I woke up Christmas morning to hear that the bastard who created International ANSWER and infected the rest of the world with it was assassinated just like another member of Saddams defense team was. That's pretty bad, isn't it?
November 26, 2005 by Good Point
Good article here by Steve Sailer. Click here for link

By Steve Sailer

James Fallow's Atlantic report on the failure of our vaunted "training" efforts in Iraq is online. The article focuses more on the poor job we've done in training Iraqis, rather than the notable lack of effort the Iraqis have made to get trained. It took the U.S. only about 15 months after the declaration of war in 1917 to reach the point where we could hold our own against the Germans on the Western Front and onl...
November 22, 2005 by Good Point
by Lawrence Auster:

I have always dismissed the idea of our simply pulling out of Iraq without a fully worked out plan for how we would carry on the war against our jihadist enemies after we pulled out. But an official communiqué issued by representatives of Iraq’s three main groups has me thinking for the first time that that’s what we ought to do. Meeting in Cairo to negotiate a reconciliation conference of Iraq’s Shi’ites, Kurds, and Sunnis, the leaders, who included Iraq’s president and m...
November 2, 2005 by Good Point

Friends have sometimes criticized me for my relentless criticisms of the neoconservatives on the Islam issue, when, after all, the neocons are on the same side of the Islam issue as we are. But that, I reply to my friends, is the very question, isn’t it?
My main gripe with the neocons is that by making so much noise about opposing expansive and militant Islam, they give their conservative readers the reassuring impression that the problem is b...
November 2, 2005 by Good Point

French Muslim youths who blame the French police for the deaths of a couple of deaths of two of their number continued rioting for the sixth straight night as the riots spread to additional areas.

Dozens of vehicles and garbage cans were set on fire as youth gangs and police clashed for a sixth night in poor suburbs ringing the eastern side of Paris.

Hundreds of police patrolled Clichy-sous-Bois, where the riots broke out, after two teenag...